I don’t need to, I want to

Some people have said to me that I don’t need to workout. I am so tiny already. I get it, I am 5’2 and 110 lbs. 

The difference is, I enjoy it, and I don’t necessarily do it for weight loss. 

There is more to it for me. I am addicted to the weighttraining and watching my hard work transform my body. 

Sadly, this is why some people fail with their goals or desires. If you hate it, you will quit. If you are being forced to for one reason or another, you will not succeed. 

You have to really want it and commit to it. Find somebody to push you. Find a workout routine that compliments you. Challenge yourself. Set realistic goals and allow yourself to fall in love with the process. 

A lot of people don’t give it a chance because they don’t see results fast enough, or they don’t know how to approach it or what they are doing. 

That is what trainers, friends and the internet are for. Use your resources and don’t fear the gym. 

It takes time, trust me, I know, but as you see the changes taking place you can be proud of something you have complete control of. 

So, I train because it is me. It is what makes me happy. Not because I need to, or feel I need to. 

Moral of the story, never give up on what makes you happy. If you have have found that thing, whatever or whomever it may be. Hold on to it. 

Don’t take life for granted

Recently in our news, a young girl was struck and killed by a DUI driver. At the time, holding her mothers hand as they walked up to their house after a playdate. 

Come to find, several of my friends knew the family and were friends with the family of the slain daughter. 

It really puts things into perspective. How often we forget about the little things in life and worry about everything else. How often we take for granted the blessings we have in life, and focus on things that are trivial. 

As a mom to three girls, I don’t know if I could suffer through the heartache of losing one of them so tragically. 

My world would shut down. 

So, as you go about your day, keep in mind that each day is precious. Make the best of it. 

Unfortunately there are selfish people in this world that can easily take your joy, no matter on what level. 

Have gratitude for the things you have. 



How complex it can be. How stressful it can become. How tough decisions that effect your life can be so cumbersome. 

You can not change or erase the past. Sometimes that is a tough pill to swallow when you find yourself struggling in the present. 

But, it is important to realize that you have come to this point in life because you made tough choices that you knew were for the better. Not easy ones, but like I have said before, nothing easy reaps the greatest rewards. 

You must always be willing to fight for the right things in life. Do not lie down and allow others to shape your life for you. 

You are in total control. Only when you have given up have you reliquished that control to somebody else. At that point, it is in the wrong hands. 

No matter how hard you fall, no matter how far you spiral downward, it is up to you to hold on and pull yourself up. 

Take control of those emotions. Keep your head held high and conquer all that threatens to beat you down. 

You will come out stronger, wiser and happier. 

Life is not a game of chance, rather a game of strategy. You make the moves and you become victorious. 

Don’t always need to go to a gym

It has been a struggle to get to the gym lately. Ya, I know, no excuses. But my life is a cluster right now. Time has not been on my side.

So, I went to the store and bought some weights and began doing some training at home. Within reason since it has been day to day with my surgery recovery. 

One day I will feel super, and the next, not so much. 

So here is an exercise that can be done at home. Weighted or not. It depends on your level of fitness. Do 12 step ups on each side for 3-4 sets. Make sure you extend your leg back and tighten those glutes. 

The importance of fish oil

Ask any avid body builder what supplements they take and I guarantee fish oil is one of them. 

Fish oil through research has been known to offer positive benefits. 

One is fat loss. In conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise. 

It is also helpful in maintaining blood pressure. Many bodybuilders consume higher levels of red meat to increase their protein intake. Fish oil has been proven to lower blood pressure. It has also been known to prevent cardiovascular disease. 

Fish oil is also good for inflammation which can often occur with people who are weight training or exercising regularly. Working out puts a lot of strain and stress on your joints and tendons. 

Overall, even if you are not working out at a body builder level, fish oil is a positive addition to your daily life. 

Break you down

You will encounter people in your life that will try to break you down. They think they have the upper hand, control, power. They very well may be some of the closest people to you. 

Do not cowher. Their actions and words come from fear. They fear the unknown, they fear not having control, they fear appearing weak. 

They are trying to prove to the people around them that they are strong. Deep down inside they are sad, pathetic and unhappy. 

Don’t allow their disdain to tarnish your spirit. 

You are not weak, you are human, with real emotions. Accept that, acknowledge that, but don’t allow it to consume you. 

Believe that you are above their childish games. Believe in yourself. 

Keep moving forward and learn from your past. Only those who have regrets will try to break you down. 

Be a model of courage and strength. People will respect you and ultimately see the truth. Leave the haters to break down their own world. Avert them from breaking down yours. 


We all know water is good for us. Without daily consumption of water either in its original form, or in the foods we eat it can cause dehydration. 

With that being said, water is essential to a lot of the functions of the body. It is also good for the skin, kidneys and to prevent muscle cramps, to name a few. 

When it comes to working out, sweating causes our muscles to lose water which then leads to fatigue. Water keeps the muscles energized therefore leading to a more productive workout. 

Water can also help with calorie consumption and weightloss. Why? Because if we drink more water we will eat less food. Water is also the better alternative to sugary or other unhealthy drinks. 

Sometimes it is hard to make the transition from the typical day to day beverages, but once you do, you won’t miss a thing when you notice the difference it makes. 

Just some advice

I wrote the following the other day, and I thought I would share it here. It comes from experience. It comes from the heart and soul. 

When someone in a relationship/marriage becomes complacent, too comfortable and unappreciative, that is when the failure begins. Don’t let the love die in the day to day. Kiss often, hug, hold hands, cuddle, say “i love you” throughout the day, show it, mean it. Treat them like you did when you first met them. Surprise them with simple things to let them know you have been thinking about them. This I guarantee will keep the love alive.

Furthermore, you worked your magic in the beginning to get the person, you should continue to do the same to keep them. Thank you for your time, you may now return to the regularly scheduled programming.